A passion nourished by large investments

In order to achieve quality and positioning objectives, Gruppo Gimoka has long ago chosen the strategy of investments aimed at improving industrial processes and enhancing the logistics structure via a planned implementation of new production lines and new toasting and packaging machinery.

Gruppo Gimoka has two plants located at Andalo Valtellino, the first is dedicated to roasting grounded coffee and beans, while the second specializes in the production of single-serve coffee.

The introduction of new coffee processing machinery, driven by a passion for continual innovation, has enabled the product range to be amplified. Gimoka is in the position to offer a broader range of roasted coffee beans, ground coffee, soluble coffee as well as capsules and pods suitable both for Gimoka proprietary systems or compatible brand systems. Thus, covering all market segments strategically covered by Gruppo Gimoka brands.

The path of excellence for capsules compatible with Nespresso* system

*Nespresso trademark is not own by Gruppo Gimoka or company related to it

Just some of Gruppo Gimoka's recent investments

  • 1 Neuhaus Neotec RFB400 Roaster, 5000 kg/h roasted coffee
  • 2 drum roasters
  • 7 groups of disc mills
  • Advanced automated roasted coffee transport systems
  • Roasting process control software
  • 2 Neuhaus Neotec destoning machines
  • 4 grounded coffee vacuum packaging lines (100g, 250g, 2*250g, 4+250g, 500 g)
  • 1 1000g ground coffee packaging line
  • 4 coffee roasted bean packaging lines (250g, 500g, 1000g, 3000g)
  • 1 coffee tin packaging line (250 g, 3000 g)
  • 1 soluble coffee packaging line
  • 2 groups of roller grinders
  • 9 Neotec and Brambati degassing silos
  • Line computerized systems for production management and product traceability
  • 2 soluble lines: Nespresso* compatible and Dolce Gusto* compatible
  • 1 line capsules Espresso Point* compatible
  • 2 lines capsules, 32mm diameter
  • 2 lines of Dolce Gusto* compatible coffee capsules
  • 1 line self-preserving capsules Nespresso* compatible
  • 1 packaging line capsules Nespresso system* compatible
  • 1 line of thermoformed capsules: Lavazza Blue*, Lavazza A Modo Mio* compatible and Private label
  • 1 line capsules K-CUP* compatible
  • 1 line pods Senseo* compatible
  • 1 line pods ESE system

*Trademark is not the property of Gruppo Gimoka or any affiliated companies

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