Our coffee is a pleasure that can be savored anywhere, anytime, also through our “private label” service.

Infact, thanks to Gruppo Gimoka’s expertise gained working alongside many local and international customers; Gimoka is a trustworthy partner able to manage Private Label projects.

A Private Label project is much more than just customizing coffee packs. It involves a set of activities, such as:

  • technical support – direct from the blend development laboratory – to identify and define the most suitable blends in terms of customer marketing targets and taking into account the range of commercially viable products to be marketed (ground, beans, capsules and pods)
  • professional advice with pack design, and defining the type of material, shape and technology
  • technical analysis and logistical evaluation of the primary and secondary packaging
  • pack creativity design support – creating new or adapting existing pack designs

It’s this kind of expertise, with a wide range of services specifically orientated towards customers, equipment and facilities, and cutting edge technology production lines that enables us to offer a fruitful and rewarding partnership.

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Available package sizes

Dolce Gusto®*compatible

Flowpack 10 caps / 16 caps (112gr)
Flowpack in gift box 10 caps / 16 caps (112gr)
Box solubili 50 caps


Nespresso® *compatible

Flowpack in gift box 10 caps (55gr)
Self-preserving gift box 10 caps (55gr)


Lavazza a Modo Mio®* compatible

Gift box 16 caps
Box 70 caps


Lavazza Blue®* compatible

Box 100 caps (900gr)


Lavazza Espresso Point®* compatible

Box 50 caps – flowpack individuali (350gr)

*Trademark is not the property of Gruppo Gimoka or any affiliated companies

Grounded coffee vacuum packaging lines 100gr / 250gr / 500gr
Tins 250gr
Vacuum bipack 250gr
Gran Festa ground blend 1000gr
Pack 250gr
Pack 500gr
Pack 1000gr
Pack 3000gr
Tin 3000gr
Box 18 pods
Box 50 pods