Who we are

One unique passion, making coffee at its best

Gruppo Gimoka is a company specialized in the production of coffee, controlling the entire value chain: from green coffee procurment, through rigorous controls of all roasting and grinding coffee stages, as well as packaging and encapsulation phases, up to the distribution process.

The company, thanks to a specific business unit dedicated to ground coffee and beans and another dedicated to single-serve coffee, is able to meet all market needs, providing both professional and household solutions.

Gruppo Gimoka, has in the last three years undertaken a series of cutting edge initatives such as a new program of managerial growth and enhancement of specialized skills, focusing on blend development, process quality as well as investing in production and roasting facilities. All in order to further reinforce its core business: coffee 360 degrees – be it ground, granulated or single-serve coffee.

Nevertheless, the current Gruppo Gimoka has deep-rooted origins: the founding business plan was in fact set up back in the early 80s, thanks to Ivan Padelli’s unwavering passion for coffee and his entrepreneurial abilities; he’s the founder and currently chairman of a well structured organisation, which has steadily grown over time due to numerous investments aimed at strengthening its market presence. The company has had a remarkable evolution over time, yet has never lost its hallmark for its dedication to hard work and passion for coffee, ingredients and values typical of Made in Italy.

Group’s strategic drivers

Quality is not only guaranteed by procedures, but is also achived through specific processes and daily attention involving all business units, aimed at delivering added value to customers.

Thanks to significant investments in equipment, facilities, logistics and laboratories, we have transformed our artisanal passion, experience and knowledge into a highly industrialized know-how, fully compliant with the most rigorous standards.

Each investment is carefully weighed up in order to achieve innovation and excellence that allow us to provide the market with outstanding value for money products and solutions.

Gruppo Gimoka, through its own brands, offers the market a wide range of products, from ground to beans, soluble and single-serve coffee – characterized by different blends, selections and processes.

We are able to serve every type of customer through our brands and, indirectly, through our partners.

Offering value to customers implies willingness and an ability to listen. Gruppo Gimoka supports its partners by providing tailor-made blends and private label solutions, suitable to all demands and requests.

A story built on passion and commitment

Gruppo Gimoka was created over 30 years ago due to the commitment of the Padelli family, and nowadays the second generation of coffee entrepreneurs has joined the first in running the business. The Group’s story started in 1982 on the shores of Lecco by its founder Ivan Padelli, inspired by his passion and commitment to coffee. The company first made a name for itself at home and then internationally, to become one of the leading Italian coffee roasters. This was accomplished also through many strategic brand acquisitions and major investments that have allowed it to reach current annual volumes of over 20,000 tons of processed green beans.

Here are the most memorable moments in Gruppo Gimoka’s history:

  1. Gimoka is set up in Lecco. Initial market segments covered are household and vending.

  2. Relocatation to Andalo Valtellino, in the province of Sondrio.

  3. Partnership with Espresso Italia is forged. Gimoka enters the sector of single-serve coffee.

  4. Is the year in which CaffèSi is acquired, helping Gimoka to consolidate its position and know-how within the HoReCa channel.

  5. Sees Gimoka asserting its presence in large retail distribution.

  6. Through the acquisition of Caffè Ambrosiano, the Group acquires another leading HoReCa sector brand.

  7. Management reorganization takes place and a new production and logistics structure is put in place.

  8. Acquisition of the brand Gran Caffè Garibaldi is the last one, chronologically speaking.

  9. Gimoka and Espresso Italia merge in November 2015, founding Gruppo Gimoka.

Know how

A range of products, one unique passion.

The experience matured over time, thanks to the continual quest for new sources and blends, and the study of new roasting curves has enabled Gruppo Gimoka and its brands to offer customers a wide range of products. At the same time, backed up by investments in technology and training.

Gruppo Gimoka, as a multi-product company, has a continuously developing technological know-how able to meet the diverse needs of an evolving market. According to this vision, our coffee professionals take the utmost care of every single phase: from green beans procurement and roasting, to packaging and distribution, giving each phase that distinctive contribution permitting us to constantly grow and provide our customers the best.

Business areas

A passion cherished around the world

Gruppo Gimoka operates and is an active player in every channel: Home, Out of Home (HoReCa and Vending) as well as the food industry, providing – through its brands – products and solutions capable of fulfilling and satisfying the tastes and needs of professionals and end users alike.

As a result of this extensive market penetration throughout the various market segments, which is the fruit of our experience and knowledgable understanding of customer needs, Gruppo Gimoka has achieved important positioning objectives.

Product types and market segments

  • PODS

Gruppo gimoka’s figures

The third largest Italian coffee roaster

Annual volume: 20,000 tons of green beans.

  • Coffee beans
  • Ground
  • Retail
  • HoReCa
  • Vending
  • Italy
  • Abroad