A passion for continuous improvement

Keeping up with a continuously evolving market, Gimoka has chosen to put together a team of coffee professionals with specific skills, able to select green beans, according to constantly improving new process and product qualitative standards, characterized by extensive quality controls.

This way Gruppo Gimoka is able to select the sources and varieties of green beans, then creating the best blends, refining roasting curves and packaging the products in-house to maximize fragrance.

All with the aim to ensure the perfect roasting curve, guarantee the best quality while at the same time monitoring all stages of production.

Process Quality

Selection, procurement of green beans and product traceability system

Every single phase of the production process is planned, carried out and monitored accurately.

The control process starts well before the green beans are purchased. Physical characteristic tests followed by sensorial controls are carried out according to strict international standards and specific quality parameters set by the Group, as part of the pre-shipment phase.

Then bean samples are roasted using specific technical laboratory equipment and let to rest for one day, before being ground and then prepared for tasting.

Only after passing this initial evaluation process, is the order placed.

Upon arrival of the green beans at the plant facilities, a second check is carried out to verify that the approved sample corresponds with the purchased batch. This is intended to ensure that the shipped beans are the same high quality as the ones approved during the pre-shipment phase.

Quality control is conducted throughout each of the process steps: roasting, blending, packaging and customer service. This involves stringent security measures and controls during the packaging and distribution process in order to guarantee each product sold meets the highest quality and safety standards.

During each production process a batch sample is set aside for analyis of roasting colour, residual moisture and granulometry, in the case of ground coffee. Each blend is verified according to pre-defined standard values, in order to ensure each end-product complies with such standards.


Green bean batch sample “pre-shipment” validation process, according to international standards and specific quality parameters set by Gimoka


Shipped green beans verification process, in order to assess compliance with approved batch sample


Automated IT traceability management system, tracking production and supply batches

Setting reference quality parameter standards

Setting reference quality parameter standards for the proper production of each blend (colour, moisture, particle size, etc.)

End of production control

End of production control to ensure that quality pre-set standards are met

Process Quality and Blend Development

Attention to blends, focusing on quality

Attention to product quality and sensorial profile consistency is key to ensuring the development of blends that are appreciated on the market.

  • The use of new types of green beans, and qualitative review of the sourcing and composition of blends, represent the starting point in the quest for the best quality we are able to supply our customers
  • The study and the management of suitable roasting curves to obtain an optimal result according to each blend to be toasted, is one of the most efficient ways to obtain an excellent product and superior blends
  • To fulfill the pre-established quality standards defined by Gruppo Gimoka, a new technical laboratory was set up using the most up-to-date equipment with the scope to work on blends, experiment on new products or refine existing ones. The laboratory consists of:
    • Granulometric Laser
    • Two laboratory roasting machines
    • Colorimeter